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ACCHDEbolavirus Response PlanFor more information visit the Ohio Department of Health website click here Ohio Department of Health 24-Hour Ebola Hotline1-866-800-1404  

Fresh Produce/Food Banks

  Where To Find Fresh Produce and Food Banks in Ashland County               For an interactive map showing where a family c...

P.H. Preparedness

Schools / Institutions

Ashland County-City Health Department sanitarians inspect the sanitary and maintenance conditions of all schools and some other public institutions, such as the Ashland County Jail.

Solid Waste

The environmental health division, in cooperation with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, inspects the Ashland County Landfill. The Program Sanitarian inspects infectious waste generators. Construction and demolition d...

Zika Virus

 CDC Key Messages - Zika Virus Disease, United States -- March 16, 2016    About Zika Virus Disease Zika virus diease is a caused by Zika Virus and is spread to people primarily through infected Aede...

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