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Lead Hazard & Healthy Homes Programs

What We Do:

The Primary objective of the Ashland County Lead Poisoning Pprevention Program is to educate Ashland County residents about the dangers of lead in their environment. The second goal is to educate and provide assistance to families living in Ashland County that have a child that has been lead poisoned. Once a child has been poisoned by lead, a comprehensive approach is utilized to help the family access resources to help their child.

Children can be exposed to lead in various ways. They may swallow or inhale the lead. Small amounts of lead can cause a child to have learning disabilities, trouble hearing, lower IQ scores, interfere with proper brain and body growth. A child with lead poisoning may not always show it. They could have trouble sleeping, fatigue, constipation, headache, poor appetite, be clumsy or be weak.  

All children living in the 44805 zip code need to have their lead level checked at ages one and two or up to age six years if no test has been administered before. Children living in other zip codes in Ashland County are required to have their lead levels checked if they are receiving Medicaid insurance. Children that live in or visit a home built prior to 1978 or live in a home with chipping, peeling, chalking paint or have contact with an adult who has a hobby or works with lead also need to have their lead levels checked.

Healthy Homes program addresses the possible hidden dangers to your child’s health such as:

  • Is the air in your home clean and healthy?
  • Do your children have breathing problems, like asthma?
  • Is someone in your home allergic to mold?
  • Do you know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning?
  • Is there lead anywhere in your home?
  • Is your tap water safe to drink?
  • Do you have household products with chemicals in them that can make you sick?
  • Do you use bug spray or other products to keep away pests?
  • Do you keep poisons where your children can reach them?

For additional information, visit the Healthy Homes website at www.healthyhomespartnership.net

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