The Ashland County Health Department has partnered with Prevent Blindness Ohio to make sure that individuals and families in our community who are uninsured or under insured are able to receive comprehensive vision care services. Individuals or families who need help in obtaining vision exams, eyeglasses or both can contact the health department to complete an application and check eligibility. Once an application is completed, the health department representative will submit it to Prevent Blindness Ohio. Once approved, a voucher for needed services will be provided to the individual or family via the health department. The health department representative will follow up with the individual or family to confirm needed services have been obtained.

For more information on how you or your family can receive these free vision care services, please contact the Ashland County Health Department at 419-282-4239 or

To read more on how you can prevent unnecssary blindness and preserve your sight please visit the website at  .


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