Community Resources

     Clothing and Household Items
Clothing Closet   Ashland Church of Christ     419-281-2024
 Eligibility: Ashland Co. resident - New, Lightly used clothes, shoes & boots infant - 18 years of age
 Associated Charities  419-281-6061
 After all other resources have been exhausted, depending on funding, will help with work shoes or uniform. Call & leave message, will return your call
St. Vincent de Paul Society  419-281-1195
 For family's currently receiving services from ACDJFS - Infants & children clothing, personal hygiene items Ashland County Job & Family Services 419-282-5000
 For cancer patients only- Free hats, wigs & other head coverings; mastectomy supplies  Ashland County Cancer Association 419-281-1863
For clients only in the Learn & Earn Program to earn Baby Bucks for the Baby Boutique for maternity & baby items Ashland Care/Pregnancy Center 419-281-1111
Furniture    Compassion Network 619 Park St, Ashland    419-289-0224
Clothing Closet    Eternal Coverings 1489 SR 511, Ashland    419-651-7513
Furniture    God's Helping Hands    419-651-3203
Clothing Closet    Helping Hands 1301 SR 89, Ashland    419-281-2614
Clothing Closet, Furniture    Living Waters Outreach 37 South Main St, Savannah    419-651-6622
Clothing Closet, Furniture, Food Pantry    Paid in Full of Ashland    567-215-0461
     Financial Assistance
TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) - Work participation hours required, at or below 200% of the federal poverty level; Child Support - establish paternity, support order & enforce payment. No financial guidelines.
Ashland County Job & Family Services 419-282-5000
Compassion Network - Helps out in the event of an emergency; assistance with an appliance, furniture, financial, etc. Park Street Brethren Church 419-289-0224
SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) Eligibility: within 130% of federal poverty guidelines Ashland County Job & Family Services  419-282-5000
Ash. Co. resident: Food Pantry & taxable items, based on individual need; Satellite Food Distributions:   Polk Fire Station held 3rd Tues. of every month from 6PM until food is gone.  Perrysville Community Center held 4th Wed. of every month from 6-6:45PM or until food is gone. Required is a photo ID and proof of residency.
Associated Charities  419-281-6061
 Eligibility: Income is 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, child determined to be at medical/nutritional risk by health professionals; For eligible women that are pregnant, postpartum stage or breastfeeding, infants under the age of one year, and children under the age of five years; A nutrition supplemental food program. WIC (Women, Infant, Children)   419-289-3359
Mondays 11-2pm  Tuesday- Friday 10-2pm Hot meals continues to be offered M-F 11-11:30 in the community room and  that is open to the public.   Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army 419-281-8001
Live in Hillsdale School District; Weekly food assistance, No income guideline Hillsdale CARES (Churches Actively Responding to Emergency Situations) 419-368-3833
Eligibility: must be residents of the Loudonville-Perrysville school district or non-residents who are members of local churches. Financial guidelines based on Federal Poverty Guidelines plus 10%; Free community meal list available to all; available listing for food banks & pantries  Community Help Mission Loudonville


Eligibility Requirements: any household living at 200% of the federal poverty level or below for the  - Fresh produce distribution: Nova Fire Dept.-2nd Tues. of every month 2-4PM; Ashland Masonic Temple-4th Friday of every month 9-11AM; Call local phone for a list of all county food banks. Lutheran Social Services (LSS) 419-281-8403
Family must fall below 200% poverty level; No residency requirement; Must bring state ID & your own bags; Food distribution the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10am to 12pm. The Lord's Pantry 419-928-8022 or 330-465-8234
Food assistance by appointment only, call & leave message; help to anyone of Ashland County. Lighthouse Pentecostal 419-281-1070 or 419-289-6618
Working together to meet basic needs as they build relationships.  Matthew 25 Outreach Center 419-961-0110
Food Pantry    Paid in Full    419-215-0461
Meals available Monday-Friday for Ashland Co. seniors 60 and older who have made reservations prior to 10:30 the day before. Home delivery available for those who are home-bound. Ashland County Council on Aging 419-281-1477
 Persons applying need to be below 200% of the federal poverty guideline for assistance; emergency shelter assistance; permanent housing assistance. Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army 419-281-8001
 Housing assistance for persons living in a shelter or homeless (a place not meant for human habitation) & individuals & families. Be an Ashland County resident for at least 90 days & show proof, services based on program availability. Appleseed Community Mental Health Center  419-281-3716
Program for Ashland Co. women & families.  ACCESS  419-685-1232
 Temporary housing - Almond Tree Inn; No income guidelines Transformation Network    419-207-1188
 Rent assistance; Live in Hillsdale school district, no income guideline. Hillsdale CARES (Churches Actively Responding to Emergency Situations)  419-368-3833
 Rent or deposit help after all other resources have been exhausted. Dependent upon available funding. Call & leave message, will return your call. St. Vincent De Paul Society 419-281-1195  
 Proof of last 4 weeks income for entire household & proof of expenditures. Up to $300 for rent/mortgage; once per year per household. Associated Charities  419-281-6061
 Help with rent. Must reside in the Loudonville-Perrysville School District or non-residents who are members of local churches. Eligibility: Federal poverty guidelines plus 10%. Community Help Mission Loudonville  419-685-4991
Rent/Mortgage/Utility   HEAP     419-281-4327
Rent/Mortgage/Utility    Compassion Network 619 Park St, Ashland    419-289-0224
Rent/Mortgage/Utility   Catholic Charities    419-289-1903
     Utility/Emergency Assistance
 Proof of last 4 weeks income for entire household & proof of expenditures. Utility disconnection assistance, One time a year assistance up to $300. Associated Charities    419-281-6061
 HEAP - At or below 175% of the federal poverty level. PIPP Plus - At or below 150% of the federal poverty level. Households disconnected or threatened with disconnection from their heating source, one-time payment to heating supplier or bulk fuel vendor. Emergency Service program: those threatened with disconnection of additional utilities - gas, electric & water. HEAP   419-281-4327
 Utility assistance, need to be below 200% of the federal poverty guideline. Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army  419-281-8001
Assist with water, electric or gas after all other resources has been used. Dependent upon available funding. Call & leave message, will return your call. Saint Vincent De Paul Society 419-281-1195
Must be residents of the Loudonville-Perrysville School District or non-residents who are members of local churches. Federal poverty guidelines plus 10%. Community Help Mission, Loudonville 419-685-4991
 Live in Hillsdale school district; Not income based. Hillsdale CARES (Churches Actively Responding to Emergency Situations) 419-368-3833  
Project Comfort: one time help with heating costs in the amount of $300, payable to heating provider. Program available from February to April.  Eligibility: families with a minor child & financially eligible.  Ashland County Jobs & Family Services 419-282-5000
 Car repairs, car loan payments, vehicle purchase, license plates. PRC application - at or below 200% of federal poverty level. Hourly work requirement, max benefit approximately $1200; Non-emergency transport service to doctor/dentist appointments for current medicaid clients. Ashland County Jobs & Family Services  419-282-5000
Set rates for Ashland City trips; call 24 hours ahead for cheaper rates. Increase rates for out of city & county trips; need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Provides transportation up to a 100 mile radius from downtown Ashland. Specific fares for trips to Cleveland-Hopkins, Akron-Canton & Columbus Airports. Ashland Public Transit  419-207-8240
 See Senior Services category below  Ashland County Council on Aging  419-281-1477
To report child or elder abuse; physical abuse, neglect, emotional maltreatment, and sexual abuse.  Anonymous report allowed. Ashland County Jobs & Family Services
 Child Protective        Services  and          Adult Protective Services
419-282-5001 Child Abuse Report Line: 855-OH-CHILD
 Participates in discussions on relevant topics like parenting, safety and abuse. Led by a trained advocate. Meetings every Tues at 5pm. Call for location information. Safe Haven of Ashland  419-282-6097
    Mental Health
Offers mental health and substance misuse counseling, family support, case management, drug testing, group therapy, and medication-assisted treatment for adults and youth. Also offers a full mental health outpatient treatment facility with counseling, case management, pharmacological management, housing program, supportive employment, domestic violence and rape crisis shelter and support, and integration within the school systems and probation with liaisons. Appleseed Community Mental Health Center  419-281-3716  24 Hour Crisis: 419-289-6111
 Child & adult counseling (home based available), outpatient services, & case management. (Insurance billing & sliding fee scale). (See also Family Supports Category below).
Catholic Charities Community Services Corp. of Ashland County  419-289-1903
 Specialized treatment for individuals, family, & play therapy, trauma, attachment issues, mood & anxiety disorders, & developmental disorders; Case management. (Sliding fee scale, Insurance & Medicaid billing). Ground Work Play Therapy  419-289-4825
Individual, couple or family services provided by counselor trainee under supervision of a professional clinical counselor. Minimal donation suggested. No insurance required to receive services. Smetzer Counseling Center 419-207-5558
Outpatient & Home-based counseling serving children, adults & families. Encompass 419-289-0970
Counseling, education, & support; Community linkage Visiting Nurse Association of Ohio (VNA) 1-877-698-6264
A free, 24/7 text line for people in crisis.
Crisis Text Line Text for hope to 741741
A virtual beginners yoga class designed for all levels including chair yoga, mat, mindfulness, grounding, breathing exercises and positive affirmations. Every Tues at 2pm and Wed at 5pm. Trauma Sensitive Yoga    419-281-3716
 Note: Find more private services in Ashland area web/phone directories.    

    Substance Abuse

Prevention, Treatment,  Recovery Programming; Driver Intervention Program (RAP); Free 1 Hour education session with counselor for family wanting to understand addiction; individual & group counseling; counselor housed in jail to provide education to individual/group counseling
ACCADA - (Ashland County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse  419-289-7675
Supported environments for individuals overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs; Area meetings held daily/weekly AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) & NA (Narcotics Anonymous)  419-289-7675
Substance Use Disorders Treatment. Counseling, Outpatient group for Individuals. Catholic Charities 419-289-1903 x 14 (Rob Kelley)
Meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm Celebrate Recovery Facebook page - Celebrate Recovery Ashland
Substance Abuse Resources in Ohio: Drug & Alcohol Rehab & Detox  Recovery Village 1-855-406-2952
 Dedicated to teens coping with someone else's drinking; Every Tuesday at 7:30PM held at Trinity Lutheran Church Al-A-Teen 419-289-2126
Dedicated to those coping with someone else's drinking; Every Mondays & Thursdays 7:30PM held at Trinity Lutheran Church Al-Anon 419-289-2126
Finding Hope: Addiction Education and Relapse Prevention Groups. Every Wed at 10:30am at Appleseed Community Mental Health Center. Appleseed Mental Health 419-281-3716   

    Grief & Loss

Infant loss & miscarriage    Ashland Care/ Pregnancy Center 419-281-1111
 Grief Counseling for loss of family member due to substance abuse
ACCADA (Ash. Co. Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse)  419-289-7675
KIDSCENE Bereavement Camp, Kid & Adult Bereavement Support Groups; Suicide, Parent's & Widow's Groups  Hospice of North Central Ohio  419-281-7107  800-952-2207
For those 18 or older who have had someone they love die by suicide. 2nd Tue of each month at 6:15pm at the Mental Health & Recovery Board.  Grievers of Suicide Support Group    419-281-3716
 Grief counseling on a needs basis Catholic Charities    419-289-1903
 Free classes for 18 years and older, 16 & 17 year old students must be officially withdrawn from school; programs emphasize basic skills such as reading, writing, math, & English language competency to prepare for the GED test. Aspire - Ohio's Adult Basic Literacy Program 419-289-3313
 Various adult education classes; variety of financial aid options exist to cover part or all of the training tuition Ashland Co.-West Holmes Career Center  419-289-3313
 Learn English: Tuition-free classes (textbook will need to be purchased); Childcare provided Ashland Grace Brethren  419-289-2723 or 419-895-1407
State agency that helps people with all disabilities find and keep a job OOD- Opportunities for Ohioans with Disablilities 419-747-3000 or


Preschool for low income children ages 3 to 5, Monday through Thursday; Health, nutritional, social, and other services to enrolled children and families. Children with disabilities are and may receive special services & therapies. Some transportation provided; Free breakfast and lunch provided


Head Start

 Ages 3 to 5 years; Morning class 8:15 to 11:00AM option of 2 to 5 days a week; Fee Ashland Christian Preschool 419-289-6617
 Ages 3 to 5 years; morning class for (3 & 4 yr. old) and an afternoon kindergarten-readiness class (4 & 5 yr. old). Speech therapy is also available to students. Fee St. Edward Preschool 419-289-7456
Montessori education with an emphasis on peace, respect, & compassion; ages 2 1/2 to 5 years, Monday - Friday; Fee Trinity Lutheran Montessori School 419-289-2126 or 419-908-0124
Ages 3 to 5 years; Fee Ashland Montessori School 419-289-5699
Ages 2 1/2 to 5 years; Classes Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 11:30am; Fee Park Street Brethren Church Preschool 419-289-6128
Ages 3 - 5 years; half-day classes Tuesday - Friday at Reagan Elementary School; Sliding fee scale for typical children, free for special needs children Ashland City Little Arrows Preschool 419-289-1117
Ages 3 - 5 years, whole day classes Monday - Friday; Transportation provided; Free for special needs children, $200 a month for typical children; Breakfast & lunch provided, cost is based on family income. Dale Roy Preschool 419-289-0470
 Ages 3 - 5 years; half-day classes Monday through Thursday at Hillsdale, Mapleton & Loudonville; Sliding fee scale for typical children, free for special needs children Tri-County Education Service Center 330-262-2262
Ages 3 - 5 years; Monday - Friday 8:30-11:00AM & 12:30-3:00PM; Option of all-day program 8:30AM to 3:00PM pack lunch provided by each family daily; Fee or sliding fee scale. Ashland YMCA Preschool 419-289-0626
Ages 3 - 5 years; Fee Valley View Christian Preschool (Loudonville) 216-407-8790
Home based kindergarten readiness program. Monthly lessons & supplies to encourage child-parent partnerships in learning 4 year olds in Ashland City School District. No cost. Referrals made for identified needs. Spark       419-289-7965 or 419-289-1117
    School Supports
 Community School Liaisons - Ashland City, Hillsdale, Mapleton, Loudonville-Perrysville Schools; Serve as a liaison between parents/caregivers, school personnel, and community agencies. Appleseed Community Mental Health Center 419-281-3716


 Multi-generational Mentoring (MGM): Older adult volunteers from the Golden Center are paired with youth in elementary school to receive academic tutoring; the youth are identified by teachers and/or guidance counselors & meet at the Loudonville library twice a week after school; No fee Catholic Charities  419-289-1903


 Ohio MEANS Jobs - assist all individuals, whether employed or unemployed, in gaining self-sufficient employment; Provide free career & training services. Ashland County Jobs & Family Services 419-282-5000
 Employment support - for agency clients only; Help to gain employment and develop skills to stay employed. Appleseed Community Mental Health Center 419-281-3716
 Employment Training - Program designed to prepare eligible Ashland County residents to obtain and retain self-sustaining employment. Transformation Network 419-207-1188
     Child Care
 Infants 6 weeks old to 11 years; Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 6:00PM; Meals Included; Fee Milestones Learning Center  419-281-7440
 Infants 6 weeks old to 12 years; Monday - Friday 5:30AM - 7:00PM; Meals Included; Fee Ashland Training Center  419-281-2767
 Ages 2 1/2 to 12 years, fully potty-trained; Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM; Transportation available; Meals included; Fee Park Street Brethren Daycare  419-289-6128
Child care information for families & providers COAD (Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development) 330-364-8882

Subsidized childcare for children being cared for in certified licensed childcare centers; Caregivers employed or attending an accredited school and income below 130% federal poverty level.
Ashland County Jobs & Family Services 419-282-5000
    Foster Care 
TBRI Caregiver Training - CEU's for social work, counselors & educators
Fostering Family Ministry 419-496-2507 
    Parenting Programs
 For biological parents: Parenting classes, Baby Boot Camp, Mom & Dad Mentoring, Learn & Earn Program; Free services Ashland Care/Pregnancy Center 419-281-1111
 Individual parent education; Fees are based on household income and family size Ashland Parenting Plus    419-281-3788
Home based program for pregnant woman & children from birth to 3 and their families. Help Me Grow Home Visiting Program services either Tri-County Educational Service Center or Catholic Charities 419-289-9227 (use this to enroll in either agency's program)  
Healthy Kids/Strong Families Program: providing parenting tools to families Catholic Charities 419-289-1903
Nutrition education program for pregnancy women, women who have a baby less than 6 mos old, breasting mothers, infants and children up to 5.  Richland Co./ WIC (Women, Infants, Children) - services Ashland Co Residents


419-289-3359  Ashland Co Office Info.

     Support Groups


    Healthcare & Medical Insurance
Immunizations for all ages, will bill your insurance provider; People who fall under poverty guidelines - Prescription Assistance Program Ashland County Health Department 419-282-4357
PMAP (Patient Medication Assistance Program) small fee; Free mammograms for women 50+ with no health insurance Ashland County Cancer Association  419-281-1863
 Serve Ash. Co. residents who fall within 300% Fed. Poverty Guidelines, Walk-in hours Tuesday 6-8PM & Saturday 9-11AM; Durable Medical Equipment - Small fee for lending; Free of Charge: Health Ins. Navigator - Guidance for health care options; Wellness Coordinator - for linkage & referral to community agencies Ashland Christian Health Center  419-903-0475
Ashland County resident - Non-narcotic prescription assistance Associated Charities 419-281-6061
Pregnancy testing, ultrasound verification, adoption & abortion information Ashland Care/Pregnancy Center 419-281-1111
 Must have doctor diagnosis of cancer. Monthly stipend for mileage, prescription medications, nutritional, or medical supplies. Ashland County Cancer Association 419-281-1863
Quality affordable dental care for uninsured, under-insured, Medicaid, Managed Care Plans, & private ins.; Households at or below 200% fed. poverty level. Ashland Dental Clinic 419-289-1700
Free Scrub closet/medical supplies    Companions Nurse Aide Training Centers & Home Health Care 419-281-2273
Comprehensive women's health care, health screenings & testing and contraceptive options; No income restrictions; Services based on a sliding fee scale & Medicaid is accepted. Kno-Ho-Co Health Services 419-289-1700
Provides prevention, education, and support services for persons infected AIDS Resource Center 419-525-2437
Support for those who have experienced voice, hearing, visions or other unusual or extreme experiences. Peer to peer group with no judgment or stigmatization. Meets every 2nd and 4th Tues at 11:00am. Contact Stacey for location Stacey Roberts    567-215-5021 or
Meets 2nd Friday of mo. from 3pm-4pm at Ashland Public Library, Page Meeting Rm Chronic Pain Support Group 419-606-9821
    Health Education
 Classes are free unless otherwise noted; Register by calling and leaving name, contact information & number of people attending. University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center  419-207-2563
 Education, Material Support and Parenting Classes Ashland Care/Pregnancy Center 419-281-1111
Stop Smoking/Chewing - Free, one-on-one tobacco cessation University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center 419-207-2303

    Nutrition/Nutrition Education

Serve Ashland County residents who fall within 300% Federal Poverty Guidelines, Dietitian - for management of diet and weight concerns Ashland Christian Health Center 419-903-0475
Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants & children up to 5 years old; Eligible if income is 185% of federal poverty guideline WIC (Women, Infant & Children)  419-289-3359
 School and community-based nutrition education for preschool - adults OSU Extension SNAP Education Program  419-281-8242

    Recreation/Physical Activity

 Silver Sneakers, adult and child programs (see Youth/Child Programs category) Ashland YMCA  419-289-0626
 Adult and child programs (see Youth/Child Programs category) Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army Community Center  419-281-8001
 Wellness classes & warm water aquatic therapy: water arthritis, water aerobics, Tai Chi, and yoga Kingston of Ashland  419-289-3859 extension 2808 
Baseball/Softball Fields, Pool, Band Shell, Pavilion Rentals, Basketball Courts, Fishing, Golf Course, Mini Golf, and more Ashland City Parks & Recreation 419-289-8247
 Hiking/Walking/Running, Dog Walking, Bird Watching, Geocaching, Fishing & Hunting Ashland County Park District  419-651-4966
See also Youth/Child Programs    


24/7 Confidential and free Support for people in distress or crisis The National Suicide Prevention                 Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK or text "TALK" to 741-741
Emergency Assistance Appleseed Crisis Line    419-289-6111
Emergency Assistance Ashland County Mental Health Hotline    419-289-6111 or text "4HOPE" to 741741


 Working out solution to the problem, with help of a mediator, that is acceptable to everyone involved. Learn effective communication & negotiation techniques to prevent future problems Ashland Community Mediation Services (T.A.L.K.) 419-207-8255
 Family, Bankruptcy, Divorce and Estate Planning Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc.  

(888) 534-1432

 All programs for 60 & older living in Ashland Co., services provided Monday-Friday; Handicap Accessible Transportation throughout Ashland Co. plus medical trips to Mansfield & Wooster; Provide light housekeeping twice a month; Provide information & referral, small donation suggested for all above programs; Provide limited legal assistance; Socialization activities, seminars & informational speakers. Ashland County Council on Aging  419-281-1477
 Golden Center - Adults 55 and older; Social/recreational programs take place at Mill Run Place in Ashland & Loudonville Public Library Catholic Charities Community Services Corp.  419-289-1903
 Adults 55 years and older applying skills and wisdom volunteering their time in the community RSVP-Retired Senior Volunteer Program  Jack Schumaker 419-908-5943 or 740-590-5560
Permanent housing for low to moderate income senior citizens age 62+ years; Section 8 housing (income below 30% of the median gross income) to receive federal subsidy; Loudon Bluffs Apartment, Loudonville Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland 419-281-4327
Members 55+ years; Provides community services & social, recreational, educational, & cultural activities; Ashland County Council on Aging 419-289-7745
Senior discount, households of the age 65+ years who have a total annual income of $12,000 or less, shall pay 50% of the total - based upon currently existing minimum charge City of Ashland - Water Department 419-289-8322
Senior discount for Ashland County residents 65 years and older Ashland Public Transit 419-207-8240
  Ashland City Schools Parent Mentors 419-289-7967 Ext. 7004
 School and community services for special needs individuals aged prenatal to adults. Education, links to therapy services, adult housing, supportive employment, etc. Ashland County Board of Developmental Disabilities  419-289-0470
 Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps program provides families links to resources for children with special medical needs. Diagnoses, medical equipment, etc. Ashland County Health Department  419-282-4231
Different and fun art designs, Open to special needs children and will have after school programs
Believe It Studio   
 Service coordination for any family with children prenatal to 3 years old with a medical diagnosis & for a developmental delay. No cost Early Intervention (Former Help Me Grow Part C)  419-289-9227
A day program as well as in home personal care and support for individuals with developmental disabilities The Ashland Link/Society for Handicapped Citizens 419-295-9023
For preschool & school aged children. Gives parents information and support on special education issues; free to all. Resource library contains books on disabilities and parenting Parent Mentors Program-Ohio Department of Education Ashland City Schools 419-289-7966 ext. 4124 Other Schools contact 330-345-6771 ext. 263
Americans with disabilities service discount Ashland Public Transit 419-207-8240
SOAR Respite - 2 Saturdays per month at Grace Brethren Church & Trinity Lutheran Church.  Night out for parents/caregivers who have children with disabilities ages infant - 12 years. Ashland Special Needs Ministry 614-572-7993
Meet on the last Thurs every month from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. at Grace Brethren Church. Free childcare if available Family Connections: A Special Needs Support Group 419-651-5043
Assistance dealing with Dept. of Veteran's Affairs; Provides transportation to VA medical centers; Mental health counseling; Recreation benefits and many other services Ashland County Veteran's Service  419-282-4225
 Welcoming veteran's back into our communities and listening to their experiences one-on-one Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County - The Welcome Johnny & Jane Home Project  419-281-3139 ext. 1232
Landing Zone open to all Veteran's - Meet every Wednesday 8:00AM to 10:00AM in Community Room of Professional Bldg. for coffee & donuts Catholic Charities Community Services Corp. 419-289-1903
Meets last Thurs. of each month, 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Free Childcare is available Family Connections: Special Needs Support Group


Combat Recovery Rebot Combat Recovery for Veterans & Family Members



     After School/Weekend/Summer Programs

 Life skills & community education, arts & culture, fitness & recreation, sports, skating, laser tag, batting cages, spray park for all ages; Special family events and summer camp. All Star Academy after school program for youth grades 1-5, from 3:00 to 5:15PM; Fee Ray and Joan Kroc Salvation Army Community Center 419-281-8001
 Beacon After School Program for grades K - 4th grade Trinity Lutheran Church 419-289-2126
 Summer sports/activity camps for kids (ages 5-12) Ashland University  419-289-5440
 Upward basketball & cheerleading program, grades K - 6th Grace Brethren Church  419-289-8334 ext. 5221
 Various activities for preschool - adults. Summer day camp for Juniors ages 3-6 & Senior ages K-5th grade (grade completed) 
Before and After School Care from 6:30-7:30am and 3:30 - 6pm for ages K-5th grade
Ashland YMCA  419-289-0626
Weekly ministry group to teach life skills such as, pole fishing, cleaning fish, map reading, shelter building, fire building, woodshop projects & more; reading scriptures & open discussions; For boys 5-12 years old Pathfinder Farms 419-368-4267
Creative Movement - Classes offered for children beginning at 18 months old to senior citizens. Students are introduced to the basic elements of movement & dance combined with students own expression of movement. Trinity Lutheran Church 419-281-8948
4-H - educational, youth development program; helping kids "learn by doing" through hands-on activities; Open to K - 19 years old Ashland County OSU Extension 419-281-8242
Summer program for children of Savannah; At the park in Savannah; Lunch 12:00, Activities 12:30 - 1:30PM; No Charge, Parents/guardians responsible for their children Savannah Lions Club Sponsor (No web page) 419-962-4523
 Weekend and summer camps, ages 6-18 Camp Nuhop 419-938-7151
Summer camp programs for children ages 3-18 years Pleasant Hill Outdoor Center 419-938-3715
Summer programs - Hands in Motion and Social Skills; For children to experience success, increase self-confidence, and learn functional skills through active environmental exploration; Fee & some insurances excepted. E J School Based Therapy Services 330-262-4449


 Variety of programs for infants, teens and adults Ashland Public Library  419-289-8188
Variety of programs for infants, teens and adults Loudonville Public Library  419-994-5531


Ashland Connects to Teens (ACT) - Mentoring program for youth at risk for drug, alcohol and/or tobacco abuse (Free program) Catholic Charities Community Services Corp. 419-289-1903
 Empowerment groups for teen girl's responsible decision making at specific schools. Respect groups for teen males at specific schools. In-school group teenage parenting education; Juvenile Diversion Mentoring for male/female youth Ashland Parenting Plus  419-281-3788


 Contains calendar of local events Ashland Area Convention & Visitor's Bureau  419-281-4584 ext. 101
 A network of county service agencies, government officials, non-profits, faith community, parents and others dedicated to improving the lives of children and families of Ashland County Ashland County Family & Children First Council  419-289-0000 ext. 5015
 Membership Directory and Buying Guide --- Helpful inventory of retail, services, recreation and industry contacts for Ashland County  Ashland Area Chamber         of Commerce  419-281-4584


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