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The sanitarians, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Health, review plans for, license, and inspect all campground and public swimming pools. 

Contact Info

  • Ashland County Health Department Environmental Health Division
  • 419-282-4337


Campgrounds include recreation camps, recreational vehicle (RV) parks, combined park-camps, and temporary campgrounds. Campgrounds are regulated in Ohio because improper placement of recreational vehicles and incorrect utility connections on those vehicles or inadequate environmental controls can contribute to the spread of communicable disease and/or cause injuries. We inspect campgrounds and work with campground operators to protect the public from injury, minimize the potential for disease transmission, and provide a safe and healthy recreational environment.     

Contact: Environmental Health, 419-282-4337


Application for License to Operate a Campground

Temporary Campground Application for Plan Review and License to Operate

Chapter 3729 | Recreational Vehicle Parks, Recreation Camps, Combined and Temporary Park-camps

Chapter 3701-26 | Expanded Camp Rules