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Sewage Treatment Systems

The Household Sewage Treatment System Program assures all new or replacement household sewage treatment systems are installed under permit and in accordance with local and state requirements.

Contact Info

  • Ashland County Health Department Environmental Health Division
  • 419-282-4337

Sewage system installation season is April 15 – November 15. Weather permitting, installations MAY continue after consulting with us prior to any work being done. We must issue a permit before work can begin. Contractors who install sewage treatment systems and who “clean” sewage tanks must be registered with us to perform the work.

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Completed installations are inspected for compliance before we approve the system. Proper installation prevents contamination of groundwater supplies and reduces the incidence of sewage-related nuisances. Our Environmental Health Division responds to written public health nuisance complaints regarding systems that are discharging odorous, grey, or black wastewater.

Residents of Ashland County who have a failing Household Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) may be eligible for a HSTS Replacement and Repair Loan Program. Rental properties and new build homes are not eligible for assistance. More information about failing household sewage treatment systems and the loan program can be found here.

Click here for a list of our sewage treatment fees.

Printable Forms
Procedure to Obtain Sewage Permit for New System-New Build
Procedure to Obtain Approval to Permit and Install a Household Sewage Treatment System
Request for Sewage-Water Evaluation
Sewage Installation Completion Form

Abandonment of a Sewage Treatment System (STS)
Abandonment Replacement Policy and Procedure
Sewage Treatment System Abandonment Permit/Report

Application Forms
Household Sewage Treatment System Site Review Application
Sewage Variance Application

Registration Forms
Sewage Provider Registration
Sewage Installer Registration
Septage Hauler Registration


Ohio Administrative Code; Sewage Treatment Systems (Current rules as of January 1, 2015)

Archived Rules Prior to 2015

Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District

Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Soil and Water Conservation