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Private Water Systems

Ashland County residents who are not connected to the public water supply may use a private water system (PWS) on their property. Source water from private water systems may come from wells, cisterns, hauled water storage tanks, ponds, or springs.

Contact Info

  • Ashland County Health Department Environmental Health Division
  • 419-282-4337

The costs associated with an application/permit and water sampling for the installation or alteration of a private water system are as follows:

New, single family application/permit: $309 + $75 water sample fee = $384

New, non-single application/permit: $334 + $75 water sample fee = $409

Alteration, single family application/permit: $110 + $75 water sample fee = $185

Alteration, non-single family application/permit: $120 + $75 water sample fee = $195

Water samples collected from an existing system (not a new or altered system) costs $80.

All private water systems must be installed or altered in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-28. We must issue a permit for installations or alterations to private water systems in Ashland County to ensure that proper components and techniques are used to provide safe drinking water. Applications for new or replacement private water systems, or for the alteration of a private water system, must be done using the statewide form. You will need to work with someone who is registered and bonded as a Private Water System contractor with the Ohio Department of Health.

The contractor who constructs, develops, installs, alters, or repairs a private water system must disinfect the system immediately following completion of the work that was performed. Disinfection must follow the procedures as outlined by the Ohio Department of Health’s Disinfection Fact Sheet for Drinking Water Wells – Simple Procedure for Homeowners.

Water Haulers are any person or business that hauls and delivers water to hauled water storage tanks used as private water systems. Water Haulers are required to register and have their trucks inspected once per year by the local health department in which their primary business is located. Landlords hauling water to tenants are also required to register and have their trucks inspected by the Ashland County Health Department. Approved water haulers can be viewed here.

Water Testing (Bacteriological Only)

Call 419-282-4337 or email the Water Sample Request Form to

A sanitarian from the health department will come to the property to collect a water sample and deliver it to the Lab. The cost is $80 per sample.

Well Water Testing
Lab results from well water testing can be difficult to interpret. The Ohio State University along with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has developed a well interpretation tool: Know Your Well Water

Additional information for well water systems can be found at Arsenic Treatment and Removal for Private Water System Wells and Contractor Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfecting Private Water Wells.



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