About Births and Deaths

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Birth and Death Records

The Vital Statistics Division of the Ashland Health Department maintains Birth and Death records from December 1908 to present.  A person whose birth or death occurred in Ashland County may obtain that record at our office. 

Certificates are issued for such things as:

  • Age Verification
  • Genealogy
  • Passports
  • Social Security Benefits 

Facts to Remember: 

  • Office hours for the public:  8am - 4:00pm (closed 12:00pm - 1:00pm for lunch)
  • Certified Birth and Death Records are $25.00 each
  • Uncertified copies are NO LONGER ISSUED
  • Affidavits for correction and Acknowledgement of Paternity may be filed in Vital Statistics
  • The certification of birth issued by the hospital is NOT an official, certified birth certificate and cannot be used as legal identification
  • Records brought into this office cannot be stamped, sealed or copied
  • The Ashland Health Department does not maintain marriage or divorce records.  These records are available at Probate Court located in the courthouse 

Out of County Births and Deaths

Ohio BIRTH CERTIFICATES can be purchased thru any local health department regardless of what county in which the birth took place.  Ohio DEATH CERTIFICATES can only be purchased thru the local health department in the county where the person was pronounced deceased. All original Ohio Birth and Death Certificates are permanently placed on file at the Ohio Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics Office in Columbus, Ohio.

Any questions, contact:

Vital Statistics Office
(419) 282-4231
Fax: (419) 282-4360

Local and state Vital Statistics Offices must comply with Federal regulations. As federal and state laws change, older birth certificates may have to be replaced as certain federal agencies will begin to refuse to accept these older certificates. Replacement certificates will be available at the prevailing rate for Certified Copies.

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