Private Water Systems


  Cost Water Sample Fee $75.00 Total cost 
New, single family: application/permit $309.00 $75.00 $384.00
New, non-single: application/permit $334.00 $75.00 $409.00
Alteration, single family: application/permit $110.00 $75.00 $185.00
Alteration, non-single family: application/permit $120.00 $75.00 $195.00

Please feel free to contact Pat Donaldson, RS, Director of Environmental Health at 419-282-4275 with questions. 



The sanitarians review plans for and inspect the installation of private water supply systems. They license and inspect private water hauling equipment and test drinking water for harmful bacteria. The sanitarians also cooperate with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in the review of the installation of commercial water supply systems.


Water Testing (Bacteriological Only)
Call 419-282-4337 OR submit Water Sample Request Form


For Requested Water Samples or those needed for Loans/Proof of Potability:
The Sanitarian will collect the sample and deliver it to the Ashland Water Treatment Plant Lab. The cost is $80.00 per sample.

For Self Collected Water Samples:
Interested party may stop into the Health Department to receive a collection bottle and instructions on "How To Collect A Sample". Sample will be collected and returned to the Health Department. A Sanitarian delivers the sample to the Ashland Water Treatment Plant Lab. The cost is $55.00 per sample. 


Know Your Well Water: Test, Understand and Protect


Wondering if your well water is safe? A good first step is to have your water tested at a certified lab, but lab test results are not always easy to interpret. That’s why OSU Extension has created a website to help drinking water well owners understand their lab test results. You will also find information on well maintenance, what to do if your well water is contaminated and who to contact for assistance. click link... KNOW YOUR WELL WATER

Disinfection for Contractors

2012 Cleaning and Disinfecting Wells - 244.0 KB

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Ohio EPA also has a website with fact sheets and information on oil/gas shale development. 

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