Vaccine clinics at the Ashland County Health Department are by appointment only. Appointments are offered every Tuesday. Dates and times may be added July-September as needed. This Allows ACHD staff to discuss with clients ahead of time what vaccines are needed, insurance or other payment options, and what paperwork they should bring to their appointment. Please call us at
419-282-4357 to make an appointment or to get further information. 

The vaccine program at the Ashland County Health Department is dedicated to helping the entire community stay healthy. Vaccines are available for all ages- from newborns to older adults. Infants are vaccinated starting at age two months to help prevent deadly diseases such as pertussis or "whooping cough." Adult vaccines are also offered: such as flu, shingles, Tdap and pneumonia shots. 

Vaccines have helped prevent many diseases that were often seen in the early 1900's. Individuals that receive vaccines not only are helping themselves, but help the community stay well by providing herd protection. 

According to the State of Ohio, vaccines are required for attendance at several places. These include public schools, daycare centers, type A family day-care homes, licensed type B family daycare homes and those homes who receive child care from a certified in-home aide. 

Insurances that may be billed are Medicare Part-B (flu and pneumonia only), Medicaid (Healthy Start-Healthy Families), United Healthcare Community Plan, United Health Care, Care Source, Anthem, Medical Mutual. The VFC program is available for uninsured children ages 0-18 years. No child ages 0-18 years will be turned away for inability to pay. CLICK HERE TO SEE A LIST OF OUR FEES. 

*** Please fill out and bring to your scheduled appointment. 

Screening Questionnaire for Adult Immunization - please print off and bring to your appointment.







Watch this informative video:  Meningitis Public Service Announcement for Vaccines

















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