Just what is Public Health Accreditation?

It is the measure of health department performance against a set of nationally recognized, practice-focused and evidence based standards. 

It is the issuance of recognition of achievement of accreditation within a specified time frame by PHAB - Public Health Accreditation Board.

Finally, it is the continual development, revision and distribution of public health standards.

What in the world does this mean to me and my community??

It means that we, your Ashland County Health Department, will have greater accountability in providing you, our Community,  with a higher level of care and services that, not only you deserve, but that are based on certain standards and measures established under PHAB. 

Keep up to date with what our health department is doing as we work towards accreditation. 




University Hospitals Samaritan and the Ashland County Health Department are pleased to share with you the 2022 Community Health Assessment. This is an analysis of primary and secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research that has given us a picture of the current health and wellness issues in Ashland County. We are sharing this report with you and then with the general community to solicit feedback on the report and any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have. This is part one of a two-part process. The second part will be putting this information into our Community Health Improvement Plan. We will work with the broader community to implement actionable items that we hope will help us improve the health of Ashland County residents. You are welcome to publish this report on your website.

 Comments can be submitted to me via this email address, or you may send comments through the CONTACT US area of our website at

 We look forward to hearing from you.



The University Hospitals Samaritan Center, the Ashland County Health Department, and other partners in the county aim to improve the overall health and well-being of the residents in Ashland County. By working together and addressing the root causes of the identified health needs, we can create a healthier and more equitable community for all. We are excited to release the 2023-2025 Ashland County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). We welcome any feedback that the public may have. Please use the "Contact Us" button to the right. 




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