Just what is Public Health Accreditation?

It is the measure of health department performance against a set of nationally recognized, practice-focused and evidence based standards. 

It is the issuance of recognition of achievement of accreditation within a specified time frame by PHAB - Public Health Accreditation Board.

Finally, it is the continual development, revision and distribution of public health standards.

What in the world does this mean to me and my community??

It means that we, your Ashland County Health Department, will have greater accountability in providing you, our Community,  with a higher level of care and services that, not only you deserve, but that are based on certain standards and measures established under PHAB. 

Keep up to date with what our health department is doing as we work towards accreditation. 

2019 Community Health Assessment

In 2018, the Ashland County General Health District, UH Hospitals - Samaritan Medical Center, Ashland County Mental Health & Recovery Board, the City of Ashland, Ashland County Commissioners and other local community partners and agencies joined forces to create assess the health status and needs of our community.  The mission of this collaborative is to improve the health and quality of life for residents of Ashland County.  In the latter part of 2018, surveys were administered to a random sample of adult residents in Ashland County and in 2019, youth at Mapleton Middle/High School, Ashland Co Community Academy, and Ashland City Middle/High School participated in a computerized health questionnaire.  This was done  in order to assess the health of our community and identify the health issues of greatest concern. 

The data from these surveys is presented  in the  2019 Ashland County Community Health Assessment report.


2020-2022 Community Health Improvement Plan

Based on the data from the 2019 Community Health Assessment, the collaboration of agencies throughout Ashland County have identified two (2) major priority areas to focus on to improve the health of Holmes County.  The priority areas are:

  • Improving chronic disease outcomes
  • Improving mental health and addiction outcomes

These two priority areas, as additional cross-cutting priorities, such as Access to Care, Poverty, etc will be the focus of action-driven groups called TAGs.  The four Target Action Groups (TAGs): Health & Wellness, Overcoming Ashland Trauma & Resiliency Collaborative, Preventing & Overcoming Addiction,and Ashland County Homeless Coalition report their activities and outcomes at the Ashland County Family & Children First Council (FCFC) meetings.

The Target Action Groups, throughout the next 3 years, will be implementing new programs, processes, and interventions to address these priority areas in order to improve health outcomes.  The identified interventions, timeline for implementation as well as measurable results can be found in the 2020-2022 Ashland County Community Health Improvement Plan.








 Ashland County residents are encouraged to  leave feedback regarding these documents, as community input is very important to pursuing excellence in public health.  Please email your questions or comments regarding these documents to  You are also welcome to call the Ashland County Health Department at 419-282-4231 to leave your feedback directly with a staff member.



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