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We’re pleased to serve the public health needs of Ashland County, Ohio’s businesses, families and individuals, and the community at-large. Choose a category below to access resources, forms, and service information available through the Ashland County Health Department.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not a known health risk as they do not spread disease.

Project Dawn

Project DAWN is an opioid overdose education and Narcan distribution program. Narcan is the brand name for the medicine naloxone, which rapidly reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.


CPR and AED Training

Sewage Treatment Systems

The Household Sewage Treatment System Program assures all new or replacement household sewage treatment systems are installed under permit and in accordance with local and state requirements.

Nuisance Complaint

We perform complaint inspections for public health nuisances.

Tattoo / Body Piercing

Our sanitarians inspect tattoo and body piercing establishments to ensure safety and sanitation standards are being met.


The sanitarians, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Health, review plans for, license, and inspect all campground and public swimming pools. 

Food Safety/Restaurant Inspections

One of the responsibilities of the Food Safety program is to investigate reports of foodborne illnesses and to reduce the potential for future foodborne disease outbreaks. We also provide education and resources to food establishments