Environmental Health

Mission Statement:

The Primary mission of the Ashland County Environmental Health Division is to prevent and control the spread of communicable disease by maintaining a safe and healthy environment through the enforcement of state and local regulations and through the education of the public in matters related to individual and community health.

The staff is composed of registered sanitarians and clerk/secretary.
Each sanitarian is responsible for conducting the environmental health programs within his/her designated area of program concentration.


The sanitarians present lectures and conduct workshops related to environmental health. They work with local news media to promote good public health. As a part of this program, the sanitarians will, upon request, test home microwave ovens for leakage. Brochures and other educational information concerning all aspects of environmental health are also available from the health department at no cost to the public.

Contact Us:

Pat Donaldson, RS, Director of Environmental Health
(419) 282-4275

Karleigh Spence, Environmental Health Specialist in Training - Generalist

Jennifer Frazier, Environmental Health Specialist - Food
419- 282- 4294

Josh Sexton, Environmental Health Specialist in Training - Generalist

Tom Cassell, Environmental Health Specialist - Food

Link to the 2015 OAC Sewage Treatment System Rules


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